Replaceable roll-up

Get your message across at shops or trade shows in an easy and elegant fashion using a roll-up. Nevertheless, roll-ups are often used only once. Even though the banner is replaceable, it is often easier to simply order a brand new roll-up and let the old one gather dust in the warehouse.

At KLS PurePrint, we believe in a circular economy, and therefore we would like to help you change this pattern. This is why we offer two solutions.

You can buy an ordinary roll-up that allows you to convey your message at an attractive price.

However, we also offer a solution that involves the purchase of a high-quality roll-up, allowing the replacement of the fabric itself. If you use a certain roll-up often and just keep changing the motif, this is a sustainable solution that also makes financial sense in the long run. When you need to get a new message across, send the cassette with the old motif over to us, and we will send it back to you with a new one. Simple and easy.

The visible dimensions of both roll-ups are 85 x 200 cm. Additional 20 cm are added at the bottom, so the final design measures 85 x 220 cm.


Regular roll-up:
DKK 825.00

Roll-up with option for replacement:
DKK 2,825.00

Replacement motif:
DKK 545.00

+ VAT, environmental charge and shipping