Creative work

The creative department

Graphics are used everywhere and at KLS PurePrint you will find help for every project. For magazines, brochures, books, roll-ups, banners and much more, the graphic designers in our creative department have the skills and the experience needed to handle the graphic arts and creative aspects of your project. Whatever your starting point, our graphic artists can help you.

Graphic work

Our creative department can help you with designs, redesigns, layout, artwork and image processing. To get exactly the result you want, the creative department is ready to work closely with you. We have extensive expertise in the production of magazines and journals. We currently design and produce more than 50 magazines. The graphic designers are highly experienced and you can safely entrust your projects to them. The entire department works closely with KLS PurePrint’s project planners and printers. The entire process from concept to graphic product is optimized and in capable hands. That’s how we make your project easy for you. And that’s how you can be sure of the quality of your graphic products.

Marketing portal

Save time and track all your marketing materials in one place

In our marketing portal, you can keep track of the design of all your marketing materials. The portal ensures that all market communication is consistent and follows the organisational style. When corporate departments or retailers need business cards, letterhead, brochures, banners, etc., they may use the portal themselves to customize names, wording and other relevant information without you having to get involved and without you needing to develop or approve local designs. The entire process is of course controlled by passwords and templates; you are the one to determine who may make adjustments and what may be corrected and adjusted.

Business card solution

You will therefore be spending minimal resources to track, manage, distribute and archive your marketing materials. An added benefit is that all information in the system is current at all times.

A business card solution is just one part of the marketing portal. Getting set up is a matter of just a few hours.

Postage service

Mail your magazine cheaply – to the right readers

It is one thing to make a leaflet or magazine of high quality – it is quite another to get it into the hands of the right recipient at the best price. You achieve both goals with Postage Service. (KLS PurePrint is a co-owner of the service.) Postage Service specialises in handling mail and magazine distribution and currently distributes hundreds of magazine titles. Using Postage Service entitles you to attractive preferred client agreements with Post Nord and other distributors, thus reducing your mailing costs. Your shipment reaches the intended recipients with Postage Service – that’s something up to 15% of an average shipment cannot claim. With Postage Service, you have the option of having your mailing lists verified against Post Nord’s and Bladkompagniet’s own lists, thereby guaranteeing on average 98% accurate deliveries.

Handle distribution and CRM in one place

Postage Service in addition offers subscriber service, call centres, CRM solutions for subscriber management, package deals at attractive prices, unaddressed mailings, and postage agreements. These services let you handle all distribution and CRM in one place.