Over the years, KLS PurePrint has received numerous awards for its visionary work with environmental and climate protection. In 2001, the company received The Municipality of Hvidovre Environmental Award for setting the goal of becoming the world’s greenest printing house – and for establishing concrete plans to achieve that ambition.

In 2012, KLS PurePrint again received The Municipality of Hvidovre Environmental Award for having come a long way in its environmental and climate related efforts and for having started the PurePrint production of 100% biodegradable printed matter completely free of harmful chemicals and heavy metals.

In 2008, KLS PurePrint was awarded the Climate Cup Strategy Award for being Denmark’s first CO2 neutral printing house.

According to the judging panel’s rationale, KLS PurePrint earned the awards because the company shows clear leadership within its sector and strives to influence customers and business partners to take a stand on climate change.

In 2016, KLS PurePrint was named Enterprise of the Year in the Municipality of Hvidovre for having made PurePrint a reality and then launching it in 2015.

In August 2016 KLS PurePrint is winning the prestigious CSR Award TRIGOS, together with the Austrian printing GUGLER *. The price is awarded for their joint work with sustainable Cradle to Cradle certified printed products.

In 2019, KLS PurePrint was awarded the 2019 Food Innovation Award for the development of sustainable packaging. The award is given in recognition of the efforts of companies that have a sustainable footprint in Denmark.