Postage service

Mail your magazine cheaply – to the right readers

It is one thing to make a leaflet or magazine of high quality – it is quite another to get it into the hands of the right recipient at the best price. You achieve both goals with Postage Service. (KLS PurePrint is a co-owner of the service.) Postage Service specialises in handling mail and magazine distribution and currently distributes hundreds of magazine titles.

Using Postage Service entitles you to attractive preferred client agreements with Post Nord and other distributors, thus reducing your mailing costs. Your shipment reaches the intended recipients with Postage Service – that’s something up to 15% of an average shipment cannot claim. With Postage Service, you have the option of having your mailing lists verified against Post Nord’s and Bladkompagniet’s own lists, thereby guaranteeing on average 98% accurate deliveries.

Handle distribution and CRM in one place

Postage Service in addition offers subscriber service, call centres, CRM solutions for subscriber management, package deals at attractive prices, unaddressed mailings, and postage agreements. These services let you handle all distribution and CRM in one place.