Full sustainability

Although Denmark is a world champion at recycling cardboard and paper, even the most environmentally friendly printed materials on the market today leave a 25% residue containing harmful chemicals and heavy metals, making it mandatory to store such residual matter at special facilities. Our Cradle to Cradle certified printing method guarantees full sustainability and 100% biodegradability in all of the print house’s products and manufacturing processes. We call it PurePrint.

A huge development project

The development of PurePrint took more than three years and cost several million danish kronor. Fortunately, the project attracted significant attention. The Danish Business Authority, its Fund for Green Business Development and the Capital Region made development funds available for the groundbreaking project.

New inks, consumables and paper

The goal was to offer a product whose quality was matching traditional products and prices. But without any chemicals causing negative consequences or hazardous on either people or nature when produced, used or disposed of. We therefore had to develop all new inks, paper and consumables without any harmful components.

Success was achieved in May 2015

In May 2015, KLS PurePrint produced the first PurePrint item – a 100% biodegradable poster. The poster was a Carsberg promotional item featuring the famous Carlsberg elephant. Former environment minister Ida Auken, CEO of Carlsberg Denmark Carsten Hänel and Municipality of Hvidovre Mayor Helle Adelborg pushed the button.