Seed paper


Paper for planting

Give your marketing and your message a really long life with our seed paper. Your collateral, invitations, or business cards get to create new life. Literally. Plant seeds are incorporated into the biodegradable paper. That means your printed messages can turn into flowers, trees, herbs, or vegetables when they are no longer needed.

Good for the environment

Seed paper is not just a whimsical touch letting you make a lasting impression on the recipient. It is good for the environment because the paper does not end up as waste.

The product is ideal for direct marketing campaigns and is suitable for calendars, post cards, product labels, bookmarks, business cards, and invitations.

Check out a list of more than 150 varieties of seeds.

Seed paper – price examples (in DKK)


Format Quantity Total price Price per piece
51 x 81 20.000 34.471 1,72
A6 500 10.681 21,36
A6 1.000 14.108 14,11
A6 5.000 39.190 7,84
A6 8.000 42.584 5,32
A6 10.000 48.146 4,81
A6 25.000 65.285 2,61
A6 50.000 116.225 2,32
A6 75.000 162.117 2,16